University of Central Florida Students Compete in “Shack-A-Thon” to Help Raise Money for Charity

Once a year, a few UCF clubs get together and create some makeshift buildings, all in the name of raising money for charity. This event, called Shack-A-Thon, is in its sixth year since being brought to the UCF campus. It’s a place where different student organizations come out and build shacks, and the goal is just to attract students to come, vote on the best shack, and hopefully give us donations.

Each year, there are certain clubs in attendance. For 2014, there was the College Democrats, The UCF Quidditch Team called the “Nearly Headless Knights”, The Rock Climbing Club, Honors Congress, Phi Delta Theta, and the Intellectual Decisions for Environmental Awareness Solutions club. All of these different clubs took their own spin on the type of ‘shack’ that they decided to build.

According to their website, the Orlando division of Habitat for Humanity has already completed a housing development in the Orlando area called Staghorn Villas. All of the homes have undergone numerous expenses to make sure that they are all environmentally friendly, such as being energy and water efficient.

The now complete, 3.9 acre neighborhood will provide affordable homes for 58 local families,” The Habitat for Humanity website said. “The community features 10 buildings, each of which includes four to eight town homes surrounded by green spaces and play areas”.

The Honors Congress fashioned their shack to look like the famous banana stand from the hit show Arrested Development. In order to raise some extra money for Habitat for Humanity, they were selling bananas with a myriad of toppings available to put on them, such as Nutella and peanut butter.


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