Things I Noticed While Waiting in Line for Eight Hours at Universal Knights 2014

Time passes when you’re waiting in line. Thank goodness I had my friends to chat with during the hour-long waits for almost every ride. I noticed quite a few things about my fellow UCF Knights, but I will just share a few.

Make-out sessions: PDA was on full display last night. It is not appropriate at a theme park to be all on your significant other. Every time I turned my head I would see another couple making out or biting each other’s nose. Spare us and just stay home already.

Similarities between the dynamics of friendships. There is always the one person that leads the group to the next ride. One person who everyone is laughing at. One person who holds everyone’s stuff because they don’t want to ride the ride. One person who is staring off into space because there are so many people around. So pretty much that was all me at some point last night.

Attractive people in line and their friends: *cue Rihanna music* “Where have you been all my life?” Holy smokes, I must be in the wrong major. I haven’t seen you around campus before. Oops, I accidently just made eye contact with you. Oh crap, not again. WHY AREN’T YOU STANDING CLOSER TO ME IN LINE?

Heads Up: I didn’t realize so many people liked that app for iPhone. This provided lots of entertainment for many groups of friends. Ellen DeGeneres really profited from UCF students last night.

3 types of rollercoaster riders:
1.I want to ride every ride! – not me.
2.I’ll only ride this one time. – not me.
3.HECK NO I’m not riding that… – me.

Harry Potter World: I’ve never seen any of the movies nor read any of the books, but having a general feel for how they are made my experience better. ButterBeer is definitely a must have while traveling through the land. It’s also a must to ride the Forbidden Journey even though the line was crazy long.

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