Oregon vs. Stanford, A Big Game At a Big Time

It is crunch time for most NCAA football teams in the nation.  For the teams that are on top, they have to continue to prove themselves week in and week out.  For the teams that are trying to make it to the top, they have to prove they are worthy.  Tonight is no different.

In about two hours a huge game will be taking place.  A game that  a lot of people have been waiting for, for almost 3 months.  What game is it?  Number two Oregon will be facing number six Stanford tonight at Stanford Stadium.  Stanford might have the upper hand and the momentum because they beat Oregon last season in a huge upset.  But Oregon is one of the scariest teams in the nation.  They have blinding speed, and a really good Quarterback.

This game will be a big one for Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.  He has yet to throw an interception on the season.  Will it happen tonight.  It is a huge game for him on a bunch of fronts.  The NFL will be watching tonight and Mariota has to prove that he will worth a top 5 selection in the upcoming draft.  A lot of people are unsure and a lot of people think he will be worth it.  But let’s get back to the game tonight.

It should be a great game,  hopefully one of the best games of the season.  Stanford has a very good team and it is highly likely that they take down the speedy Oregon football team.  They are physical enough to overcome the speed of Oregon.  But who knows at this point.  In my opinion Oregon wins this game.  But I could be very wrong.  I will choose Oregon 35-17.

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