We Typically Don’t Appreciate Our Good Health

We live everyday like any other. We never stop to think about how easy it is for us to breath, how easy it is for us to walk, or talk. The only time we realize how good we have it is when we’re sick. I think that’s part of the reason why we get sick, so that we can appreciate our health more when we’re healthy. I bring this up because I have been sick for the past 4 days, and in these past four days with the common cold I have realized that it is incredibly uncomfortable to not be able to breath and constantly have to blow your nose. My nose is irritated from blowing it so much, I haven’t been able to sleep for the past two days because of how clogged I get, my throat hurts when I swallow, and now know what it feels like to be that annoying girl that’s always sneezing and sniffing in class.

Life works in ironic ways because it would be this weekend that my body decides to shut down. A weekend that has so much going on; there’s a party tonight that one of my friends from back home is throwing in a house he rented for the weekend, a bunch of people from back home are going to be there getting wild, tomorrow is the UCF tradition, Spirit Splash and it’s been off and on cold outside so I definitely can’t partake in that if I still have this cold by tomorrow, then the next day It’s tailgating all day and UCF football game against Houston and to top it all off, I usually have Sundays off but I have to work this Sunday to make up some hours. There’s no way to try to look at this but through a positive light. This weekend was supposed to be amazing and I can’t just knock it all right now and say that it’s not going to be when there’s so many great things that are going to be going on.

People go to the gym all the time and for most people especially in college I believe go to the gym mainly to look good. Yeah, the health is a plus but the main reason and goal in why they go to the gym is to have a better physical body. Although, there’s nothing wrong with that, it proves my point with how people do not appreciate their health as much as other things. As soon as you get a really bad head ache, when you wake up with a fever, a cold, or maybe things that are way worse then a temporary virus such as HIV, or Leukemia; at that moment while you’re in discomfort and pain you begin to remember how nice to felt to not be in that position. You think of all the things you could have done to prevent yourself from feeling the way you do now, if you were able to prevent it. Next time you’re done with an exercise or wake up feeling great, remember to Thank whoever it is you believe in and embrace your health!

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