Our Brains Just Can’t Take Much More Of This

We are drowning in choice. Everyday there are millions of bits of information being sent throughout the world. Especially when it comes to news. News is something that doesn’t interest a huge chunk of society, yet it still finds it way to us through some sort of portal. The portal most likely being a social media site like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. This is actually becoming toxic to the journalism profession. Evidently, when a person is overloaded with choice they become fatigued and lose the ability to process the information. With attention-spans shortening,  multitasking on steady climb, and our emails filling up, no wonder why people can’t handle  the information being force fed to them daily. There isn’t enough brain power left to actively receive anymore information. The real scary part is that this is only going to get worse as we indulge in our apetite for socialization, and the introduction of new media tools.

We can only actively intake information if we put down our cell phones, close our facebooks, and focus. Being a student, I am constantly being thrown new information. I find myself struggling to focus on one thing that should prioritized and pulling some of my attention away from such trivial things like my Facebook or Tumblr. Twitter is another demon on it’s own because everyone is journaling constantly in little snippets that are causing a lot of this backup as well. There is so much content being produced by so many different sources the only thing that can save some journalistic sites is finding the power to make sense of all the information being thrown at us. Sadly, many believe that to keep up with the herd there needs to be constant information being thrown out to rival that of meaningless dribble.

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