Quick Doesn’t mean Better

Print Media has been the back bone of our culture in America, along with most other cultures that have existed up to this point. However, now it is being threatened by an upcoming heavy weight by the name of the Internet. This new way of getting information has just about engulfed every other way of collecting media. People are always on their phones or computers or any electronics they can get their hands on to check what’s going on in the world. Just because there is more views on information online, doesn’t exactly make it better.

There are so many bias views online these days. It seems that there is no reading anything going on in the world that has not or soon will not be examined and asserted a different way by a different source later. It is confusing how one piece of information will have so many different views. For some people this may be helpful, but at the same time shouldn’t somebody be able to get the cold hard facts and make their own decisions about the issue. All the new ways to get information outside of actual media sources may include facts, but are also heavily oppinionated.

This is not to say that media themselves can not twist and turn facts to sound good in their favor. For example, watch CNN and FOX News, they are complete opposites. One says one fact to bash the other one, then you turn to the other channel just in time to hear them turn that same information to make them sound like the good guys. News is flawed, but not ready to be deceased.

There is mass confusion in e-mails and blogs and pretty much any internet news, due to the fact that everybody is in a rush to get the story out first. So they either get wrong information, or information without full detail. Even though the internet is a big player on getting information now, and don’t fool yourself it is, it can not replace news that has been carefully examined before it is published. This news to me would be printed media, because it does not stream out multiple times a day, but rather once a day giving it time to be evaluated by reporters and writers without the rush of being the first one with the story as is the case with internet gossip if you will. Old Fashioned press is having to dial back due to it’s giant of a rival, but for the sake of the good research and news it will never truly be gone with.

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