Our Tech Savvy Youth Isn’t As Technical As They Look

In the age of everyone and everything revolving around digital technology, it’s only natural to believe that the people who grew up with it a constant part of their lives would be the one’s best at using it. However within Article 14, “Generational Myth: Not All Young People are Tech-Savvy”, it is argued that this is not the case. The majority of student’s in todays universities would rather have face to face interaction with a professor rather than participating in an online classroom environment. Although these “digital natives” are skilled with the simple side of our digital devices, when we go deeper into the complexity of technology, they are clueless to it and how it really works. Youth may be skilled at navigating around social networking sites and google, but other areas of the internet tends to remain completely foreign to them. The reason technology stands in the forefront is because of the ease of use that comes with it, if this became the case for other ways that aren’t technically drive, it’s highly likely they would choose it over the digital way. We are constantly rushing to adapt to changes we assume we want, but many times quality and utility is left behind with speed and size taking the forefront. I do believe the theory of “Youth not being as tech savvy as they look”. I may know how to use word, google, and Facebook. But if you ask me to set up a TV, or reconstruct an HTML code, I would give you a blank stare, or research how to do it within google. Therefore, google is the technological genius it todays world, not it’s digital natives like everyone thinks.

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