The New Generation not so Tech-Savvy after all

I’ve heard it time after time that kids or younger people are more technologically advanced than the older generation. While that might hold some value and truth to it, we shouldn’t be so confident to think of ourselves as the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, because that we are not. Most people would describe them selves tech-savvy but in reality are just tech dependent or sufficient enough. Like the article points out most only know how to work with that they use. For example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks. As well as their smart phones and apps and the internet. That you could say is now the new basics before it was just being able to properly type and send out and check your emails. As technology becomes more elaborate in the thing’s we can do, we adjust to them, but we don’t necessarily know how they function or fix them when an error on a program occurs. After all tech support is there for a reason. If we were all so tech-savvy we would know how to do it ourselves. I for the most part would define myself as a well rounded user of technology. I have an Iphone, laptop, appletv, ipod etc and I use them daily. I however and by no means Tech-savvy I know how to properly navigate through what I need. If a problem occurs with one of my devices or I need to download another software or something that google doesn’t have the answer’s too I am screwed. However I don’t see this as being shameful. I could learn how to create a website, program or code text if I wanted too, just how I can attempt to learn a new language. Does this mean I want too and I know technology has a lot too offer and Is so much more than a social network or app. But I am okay with knowing that even though I am not using it to its maximum capability, I am using it to my own maximum needs.

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