Outraged by the Media: Reports Make Me Want to Turn Off the TV!

After watching the news recently, especially after the Boston Marathon Bombing, I have become so outraged by the way media portrays events and facts. They seem to be more like fallacies. It’s crazy how the media can make people like myself believe things and then turn around and report something the complete opposite on the same network. It’s to the point where I have to turn off my television since I no longer know or trust what the real story may be anymore. I understand there is a need for networks and the media to do their job and try to get more coverage then the competitive stations. However, when the stations are reporting things and making false accusations, it is unlikely that I would want to return to that specific station on other or future occasions.

When reports come through as “Breaking News,” and then later come out with another  “Breaking News” segment with the opposite information, it makes me unsure if I can believe things right away. People are posting incorrect information to their blogs and social media sites from what they hear on the news. Because of this, there is an abundance of information reported that later turns out to be false. Why are these news segments reported at all if they aren’t sure if it is even accurate? Clearly it is the way the media works, but for some reason I find it unsettling. I enjoy watching the news and keeping myself current on events domestic and global, however there comes a time when I need to turn off my TV and take a break from what is being said.

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