Could the rate of divorce decline due to online dating?

Nowadays, relationships that began on online dating sites are commonplace. Once considered taboo, online dating sites are now being seen in a different light. The advantages to using these sites are clearly visible. Imagine, being able to describe exactly what you want in another significant other, and then getting matched to someone who fits your exact criteria. I, however, often wonder if there is another hidden benefit to long-term relationships rooted in online meeting. Since the two people being paired are matched to their near-exact specifications, could the rate of divorce possibly decrease in the near future? This could be a possibility, considering how these couples are practically ensured that their partner is what they want in a lover.

Many divorces end because one partner finds themselves unable to deal with the other, or finds a big flaw in them that wasn’t apparent before. Since online dating sites require in-depth bios, it’s much harder for undesirable traits in a user to go unnoticed by possible matches. This allows potential lovers to avoid anyone with an obvious problem. Also, online romance sites begin mainly with conversations and occasional video calls, where the two participants get to know each other on a personal level before the relationship becomes physical. This also helps users eliminate people who don’t fit their needs early on. This combo of advantages to online dating seems like it would reduce the chances of incompatible lovers, and therefor could possibly reduce the rate of divorce. I hope this is the case, as this rate has sadly been increasing over the years.

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