The advancement of movie storage devices

The technology to watch movies have been increasing and getting better and better through the years. I can only remember back to when we used VHS. They were great in its time. The problem with VHS is that after watching them so many times I would ware out the tape and they would be unwatchable. When I was in middle school DVD’s came out. They are much better than the standard VCR. DVD are also smaller and easier to store in places because they are much smaller than VHS tapes. DVD’s made the picture more clear and made the colors much closer to what they really are. While DVD’s are still widely used Blue Ray DVD are then next thing. These made the picture much more clearer than the DVD and they also able to store more things on them because of how they are able to break down the data or video on to the disk. You are not also able to download movies on to your computer. I have a Apple T.V. which allows me to download high definition movies. I can them watch the movies anytime I want just by pressing a button. This is more of the digital age that we are seeing more of. Being able to download the videos from internet make buying video easier because you do not have to leave your home. The only bad thing that I about downloading video onto hard drive is that they can always crash and you could lose thousands of dollars of video and movies.

I do not know what is next for movies. I think that in the next 10 years DVD’s are going to turn into what VHS tapes are now. We are not going to be using them. I am curious to see what is going to happen in years to come in the movie making industry.

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