Pet Rescue by Judy Expands to a Bigger Location

I recently encountered this non-profit pet shelter known as Pet Rescue by Judy. Pet Rescue by Judy is a no-kill shelter, which offers options like fostering a pet and adoption. It was founded by Judy Sarullo when she and her husband, Tim, went to a local adoption shelter to help out with an event in 1986. Tim tried desperately to get an Old English sheepdog adopted because it was clear to him that if he did not, it would soon be euthanized. Unfortunately, by the end of that day the dog had not been adopted. Tim soon felt for the dog and asked Judy if they could adopt it. The dog went on to live for another 8 years.

The shelter also accepts several animals that have disabilities.Some of these pets are blind, deaf, and a number of cats have the feline immunodeficiency virus along with a number of other illnesses. These creatures require a lot of special needs, which the shelter provides to the animals.

While meeting with the owner, Judy, she discussed how they were expanding to a new location.The new shelter is expected to have natural light, something the current location does not have. Some of the animals in the current shelter have not even seen light in several years. During my visit to the shelter I noticed that there were about 50 cats and 50 dogs. The new facilities are also expected to be much larger and allow for around 50-80 dogs and up to 150 cats, which is great for a shelter that does not euthanize the animals. The shelter also has a lot of trouble keeping a great amount of animals because they provide the animals with top of the line medical treatments, spaying/neutering, micro-chipping, and proper care of the animals such as proving them dietary needs and exercise.

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