Rock Band KISS to be inducted into Rock and Roll hall of Fame

The Rock N’ Roll hall of fame is an organization which every year honors musicians who have influenced the course of rock music. Artists/musicians can be nominated 25 years after their musical efforts are released. The Rock n Roll hall of fame has received much criticism over their choices of who to induct and who to leave out. People often mention how it is unfair that pop artists like Madonna have been inducted but influential rock bands from the 70s are left out. One of those bands that has long been left out is KISS. Known for their make up and stage theatrics, they’ve had a successful career spanning almost 4 decades. Some people argue that they don’t deserve a place in Rock history as their career was largely focused on marketing and profiting of their image. However, most agree that for better or worse KISS has undoubtedly influenced a whole generation of bands that came after them.

In this years ceremony of the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame, KISS will finally be inducted; however they have decided they will not perform at the ceremony. As of now we can’t be sure why they’ve chosen not to perform. They might be bitter at the organization that left them out for so many years. Another theory is they can’t agree on which lineup should perform. As with many rock bands, KISS has had numerous members who don’t seem to get along. Many of their fans, known as the KISS “army”, were hoping for a reunion of the four original members of the band; they haven’t played together in almost 2 decades.

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