Photography is More Than Just a Hobby; It is Also a Career and More Importantly a Passion

Photography is considered a hobby for many people today; for others it is a way to make a living, but there is a third group who are very passionate about it and respect it as a profession.

I am so thankful that I am a photographer. I know different careers provide a high status quo and great amounts of income, but there is always a price to be paid. Compared to other professions, when people search for a lawyer is because there is something wrong and they need help. Most of the times when people go to the doctor is because they do not feel well about their physical health. However, the beauty of photography is that allows me to be present in the most memorable days of someone’s life. Occasions such as a wedding day, a Sweet Sixteen Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, a Baby Shower, etc.; this is just a short list of the many events photographers witness and capture for people.

Photography is a profession, an art and a hobby. In the greatest museums of the world we can find expositions from great photographers.

I know any person can take photographs with his/her celphone, or with an inexpensive digital camera, but this is never going to replace a good photograph taken by a professional with a high resolution, professional camera, or with a film camera. Even though the digital word is so accessible, the techniques are the same: composition, lighting, pose. It is important to remember that it is not the camera the one responsible for capturing a beautiful picture; the camera is just a tool. There must be someone with experience and skill to capture a beautiful memory. I love photography and feel blessed for having such a beautiful profession.

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