Road to The World Series: National League and American League Games

Both the American and National League Championship Series’ have started this past weekend. The teams playing in the ALCS are the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers. The series is currently at 1 game a piece and is very competitive. The score of the first game was 1-0 Detroit won, and the second game was 6-5 Boston won. Both games had spectacular starting pitching with stars such as Annibel Sanchez, Max Scherzer, John Lester, and Clay Buckholz. The score of the first game shows how well the pitching was, with almost a combined no hitter by the Detroit pitching staff. The second game was a fantastic display of pitching by Detroit until the relief pitcher gave up a grand slam to David Ortiz, the Red Sox best power hitter. After tying up the game with the grand slam the momentum shifted towards the Red Sox and ultimately led to them winning the game with a walk-off hit. Game 3 will be played in Detroit on October 15th.

The National League Championship Series has also been exciting one to watch with great pitching. The teams playing in this series are the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals currently have 2-0 game lead over the Dodgers. The first game of the series ended in the 13th inning with a walk-off hit by Carlos Beltran, the spark plug of the Cardinals. Game 3 of this series is being played tonight, October 14th. This game is a big one for the Dodgers because the odds are severely against any team that goes down in a series 3-0.


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