Pirating Reaches New Heights

Pirating. Commonly know as bootlegging is stealing/ripping/illegally recording a movie and posting it on a website or burning to a DVD for profit. In music, putting on a CD and selling it to the masses for a cheaper price than Walmart before it even hits the stores. Maybe I’m late or this is on the rise but I was recently put on to pirating BOOKS. BOOKS!!!! IS it bad that I kind of think its not that bad because its some what educational? As a book lover myself I would never have never thought to steal a book by reading it online for free, or downloading the PDF for free because if I really love something I am more than willing to buy it no questions asked. Stealing is wrong all the time but why does it not seem so bad if your stealing a book? Is it because you don’t see how it affects the author and the publishing company the same way you see artists and movie stars try to raise awareness and stop it? Is it because it doesn’t show up in your previews as wrong the same way music and movies are wrong? Is it because you have never seen someone charge with pirating books the same way we all witnessed kids of all ages charged for downloading music illegally from limewire?WHAT IS IT? These books range from classics to brand spanking new, just hit the shelves, pages haven’t been flipped books and not just popular books even textbooks have reached the status of “bootlegg-able”.

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