President Obama and New Media

 The USA Todayreported that last week President Obama answered questions about the budget at a meeting done online. The online building talked about wage benefits for welders, bricklayers and other construction workers. President Obama also talked about social security giving a little extra in May, under the stimulus bill.The meeting online was constructed in ” an unprecedented online town-hall style.” The President pitched Americans getting behind his 3.6 trillion budget and also advised that individuals be patient while he “tries to right the tottering economy.” This being said to be sure that once we are out of this financial bind we do not relapse.  

obamaObama is doing what many Presidents have not thought about doing and that is connecting with people world wide. The Internet is one of the top forms of media because it allows so many people to interconnect. President Obama is taking advantage of this popular form of media to make sure that important information is getting across to Americans. He recently made an appearance on the Jay Leno show and continues to emerge himself in the public eye. President Obama continues to adapt to reach an audience that varies. His method of communication is drawing more individuals near him because he can relate to more than one person and continues to show that he is adaptable. He offers many methods of communication one that will help him relate to a younger audience including, news and Internet outlets. President Obama considers this”first-of-its-kind Internet meeting to be “an important step.” This is indeed true because it will aid in distributing information about his administration.

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