Wild Weather in North Dakota

Now North Dakota may not be involved in the local or national news headlines for most of the year; however, North Dakota did make news headlines for the last couple of weeks due to the wild weather going on. This is such a big story, that national anchors, from the likes of the cable news networks, are broadcasting the story hour to hour day by day. With hours of rainfall and portions of the state having blizzard conditions, the state is right now under a state of an emergency. Buildings are flooded up to two stories, roads are washed out and schools have been closed since the floods have crept. Before the National Weather Service issued warnings across the state, people have placed sandbags to protect their homes as well as their livelihoods.

Most of the flood conditions are around the Red River. The Red River is now flooding around small towns while the levees are being topped and overflowing. Now the river has crested and slowly going down. Forecasters are predicting three more weather systems (that contains more mixture of rain and snow) are approaching to the North Dakota area within the next few days bringing more havoc to the residents who haven’t been in their homes in weeks. This weather disaster has claimed two lives. The situation in North Dakota is very frighting currently and also to make it worse that the temperatures are very brutally cold which makes it very difficult for the residents to recover.

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