SGA Islands of Adventure

Last Friday, April 3rd was UCF’s Islands of Adventure night sponsored by SGA. This is the 6th year SGA has sponsored this event. UCF distributed 12,000 tickets throughout the campuses. The park stays open from 4pm on Friday April 3rd to 1am Saturday Morning. UCF students could purchase tickets for themselves if they didn’t get a free ticket for $25 at various locations around campus or at the park for $25. A UCF student could also bring a guest for $25. The park staff started to check everybody for wristbands after a certain time to makesure you were supposed to be in the park.There was a lot more police this year it seeems but I don’t know why there was a lot of police. The park really didn’t have long lines.

The longest wait time for a ride was the Pteranodon Flyers which was a 75 minute wait. The park had designated areas for students who wanted to drink. There was even a bigscreen tv in Marvel World where you could watch music videos and sometimes people dance ight along with the music video. My favorite part was rideing the rides at Seuss Landing with my friends because all of the rides there are slower. I don’t like fast rides very much.

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