The Octomom’s Team Turns on her

Nadya Suleman has been in the newspaper, on T.V., and radio lately. She is notoriously nicknamed the “Octamom”, since recently giving birth to octuplets. Initially the media celebrated the delivery of the eight newborns. However when it was discovered that there were six other children and no dad, they shifted their attitude from celebratory to controversial.

Nadya faced the controversy head on, defending herself on Entertainment tonight, Radar, and Dr. Phil. Some viewed this as less of a defence tactic and more as a ploy to get camera time. With the her instant “fame” , controversy, and allegations of neglect, famed attorney Gloria Allred has come to Nadya’s aid. With an attorney and publicist, things seemed to be spinning in Nadya’s favor.

However, yesterday Nadya fired Allred and controversy again erupted. Allred held a press conference criticizing her former client, stating, “This woman does not care for these kids, that’s my honest opinion.” In addition, two volunteers from the non-profit group Angels In Waiting were also recently fired and stated similar beliefs.

This story evolves daily and sadly enough has become less about the children. Focuses have included allegations about Nadya’s plastic surgery, shopping habits, and past relationships.

Gloria Allred claims octuplet mother Nadya Suleman only into kids when camera is on

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