Presidental Debate: Did the Presidental Debate Influence Your Vote?

Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs when it comes to who they want to vote for. It is everyone’s right to vote for who they want to run our country, so this piece is not about influencing the readers in any way, rather, I am eager to see if the Presidential Debate had any influence on its viewers’ decisions on who they are going to vote for. Obama vs. Romney, they are two very different candidates that have two very different views on how the United States of America should be run, and yes, they do agree on certain issues, however anyone who has been following the presidential race will agree that whoever wins the election, is going to lead our country in a certain direction that is  very different then their opponents.

After watching the debate, I began to wonder if the debate influences voters and if so, is it a significant percentage of viewers? Without delving into who is the better candidate for Presidency, I did read multiple pieces from traditionally liberal media sources claiming that Romney did a better job in the debate. Romney was more clear cut and did a better job organizing and delivering his points to the national audience, his plan for the future of America seemed well put together, not necessarily agreeable to all the viewers. The next day this point was re-emphasized when I stumpled upon a conversation at work of people who too agreed that Romney was better than Obama however, their vote was not going to change. For the next couple days I both read and heard similar things from various media sources. Romney was better than Obama but their vote was still not changing. I started to wonder about what the point of the debate was? Does the Presidential Debate only exist for people who are undecided or wavering on who they want to vote for? Yes, I am sure this is a large number of people who can potentially affect the outcome of the election, however, why tune in if you are decided who you are going to vote for?

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