Profit over good quality news


In the article learning to love the new media, old journalism seems to be losing to our new technology ways. Every day it becomes less serious and about important stories and more about the now. As a nation we seem to care less about things that will impact our future like the war, our finances and immigration. We seem to be too busy focusing on scandals and what entertaining thing is happening now like Michelle Obama’s new hair do. It’s become less about the stories and more about profit and the numbers and not necessarily about a good story filled with informational content.

However how much can be blamed on journalism and the stories they are giving us? After all they are just trying to satisfy the consumer. It’s become more about what they think we want to read because they know it will grab profit and less about what we should read. Journalism shouldn’t take all the raft in my opinion. Like mentioned in the article the writers are just giving us what they think we want.

As consumers they bring us stories, we decide and pick what to read. And what attracts more attention they will continue to give us more of that as opposed to what didn’t. How can we than in return blame the media and news and call them out on lacking content and good worthy news. As consumers we want better content yet were not willing to read the actual stories instead we read about Charley Sheen. The new media is what we create it to be as consumers. We can decide to stick to this shallow un-important news or we can actually try to inform ourselves on what really matters and look for credible journalism.


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