Google blamed for giving consumers what they want


Is Google really even the problem, should it be blamed for when it comes to news media and other similar tools not succeeding? Google shouldn’t take the heat for being smart and simply giving people what they want. After all they are just catering to the audience. In this new era its all about accessibility, convenience and user friendly. These are the types of pages we want to visit to read the latest news. Theres no point in a website having constant “Breaking news” if its not user friendly. News organization’s that want to keep up should stop there old ways and adapt to the new. They should listen to the consumers and understand what is valuable to us not them. Marketing your self and becoming friendlier and accessible to the consumer is what wins in the long run. And those who have adapted this new thinking shouldn’t get a black lash for it. Googles ranks are based on sites we the consumers visit frequently. With knowing this sites like the Huffington, SI and others should make the appropriate changes instead of sticking with the old. Yes we as readers should care where our information is coming from as its our responsibility and our right to be informed properly but at the same time publications need to market themselves in a better way in order for us to come in contact with the material. At the end of the day we use Google to obtain more information on a specific topic. A page that provides better information should get the hits it should be about the content and how it appeals to us that should come on top, this is consumer friendly and marketing at its finest not the person who breaks the news.

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