Reading… A Thing of the Past?

Just recently I began to read the last installment of the Twilight series. Being that this is the only Twilight book I have yet to read, I was pretty darn excited about it. I sat down and began to read and everything was going great… For the first 6 pages, seeing as how that was all I could get through before day dreaming or falling asleep.

No matter how interested or invested I was in what I had read so far, I couldn’t bring myself to focus enough to get through a dang 20 page chapter. I was struggling to read a Twilight book! No one struggles to read Twilight. So I thought. However it wasn’t just the blood sucking saga that was making my mind wander all over the place, it was reading in general.

I started to notice that if an article online or an email was more than 2-3 lines, I either said forget that or found myself painfully trying to get through the paragraph long letter. My classes that require me to outline chapters and stories were becoming my worst enemy. Every aspect of my life that required me to read was becoming a burden to me. And I think I know why.

We live in a day in age where our information is so available to us at every second of everyday and also is very convenient to access. Journalists have gotten very good at giving us an entire story in a line or 2 and that is what we like. This has however effected our attention spans when it comes to reading lengthy pages unfortunately. As I have noticed in my twilight dilemma.

Bottom line, I’ve gotten to a point where I have to force myself to finish or better yet start a book or long article of some sort and I blame the new convenience of the way we now get our information.

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