Protests All Over The World: From Ukraine to Venezuela

I previously wrote in one of my blogs about the conflict that was happening in Ukraine. People have turned on each other and now we have our government intervening. Whether that is a good or bad idea, I can’t tell you that. All I can say is that things are progressively worse as the time goes on. It is tragic that the Ukrainian people have not been able to find a solution peacefully and what’s worse is that there isn’t a clear answer.

But while this political and social struggle continues to power on in Ukraine, Venezuela is having similar problems. The people of Venezuela have been protesting the Government because of an increase in crime, and scarcity of basic goods. Instead of listening to his people, The president of Venezuela has pinned the blame on capitalism and refuses to take responsibility for his citizens.

Just to back track a little bit, I had heard of the news from my mother about Venezuela because the company she works (DHL aviation) has closed its offices in Venezuela. DHL had to do this because the protests had become violent and there have been several injuries as well as deaths. The irresponsibility that the President and the rest of the Government of Venezuela is astounding. Besides the fact the Chavez was a terrible leader and didn’t give a crap about his people, the fact that this President is an even bigger idiot is even worse because he probably doesn’t even know whats going on.

Both of these conflicts, although for very different reasons, have ended in violence And hopefully these conflicts can finish and true justice can be given to the people.

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