Protests in Venezuela are Becoming Increasingly Alarming

It seems that these days protests are a dime a dozen. There were the protests that spread all over the Middle East in 2010, the Occupy Movement in 2011, and as of late major protests in both Ukraine and Venezuela. All over the world youths wear Guy Fawkes masks that were popularized after the release of the movie “V for Vendetta.” It appears that many people have idealized anarchy. That said, this is no way an attempt to downplay the reasons why people are protesting, many of these causes are noble and ask for things that should be basic, such as human rights. The solution sounds simple: stop putting corrupt people in office, however that is much easier said than done. It’s basically human nature for people to become corrupt after a large amount of power is given to them. The responsibility is far too great and people are constantly looking out for themselves.

I think I become more and more disturbed with humanity after hearing the appalling things that these governments are doing to the people that they have vowed to protect. In Venezuela a few youths have been killed on the streets while they were exercising their basic right to assembly. The police and military are ordered to incite violence amongst the protesters so that leaders can go on television and try to justify their actions by saying “Hey, it’s not our faults. They were being violent and we had to take immediate action.”

While I research what has been going on in Venezuela the first few things I see are videos of people being brutally attacked and the very valid reasons for the protests. Since President Maduro’s election there has been a sharp decline in living standards and violent crime has continued to increase. People have a right to fight back when there is no one fighting for them.

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