Mariah Carey Goes All Out On Valentine’s Day (Wears Candy Bra, Lounges in Balloon and Glitter-Filled Bathtub)

Mariah Carey decided to post pictures of herself laying in a glitter-filled bathtub wearing a candy bra. The whole idea of doing this picture setup was for her husband, the one and only Nick Cannon. Mariah Carey even posted the following statement, “My funny Valentine has arrived! # YourMine Eternal I love you @NickCannon.”

Even though the pictures posted of Mariah have been called racy, and promiscuous, I do not feel that these pictures are way out there. It does not show any graphic nudity, but at the most mild cleavage. Overall, Carey is a celebrity and after a few days this Valentine’s Day scenario will fizzle away as with other cases involving celebrities.

Nick Cannon’s surprise was also a way to promote Carey’s new single “Your Mine (Eternal).” Mariah Carey also made sure to use Sweethearts candy because this was the particular candy used in the song’s promo image.

Once again, these pictures Mariah Carey posted are being used as a business strategy to help promote a new song that was recently released. People should consider realizing that celebrities have a certain entertainer’s quota, meaning they have to advertise their image that will attract audience members even more to them.

Carey is known for having sex appeal, and uses this asset to her advantage. Posting pictures of herself will be enjoyable to men and woman, in other words anyone that likes Mariah Carey from listening to and knowing a few tracks of hers to die hard fans.

To end on a note, I think the Mariah Carey pictures were done tastefully and creative. I cannot wait for next Valentine’s Day.

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