U.S. Men’s Hockey Flourishes in Sochi

The Olympics are currently in full swing in Sochi, Russia and the United States is first in medal count, but only fourth in number of gold medals. Quite possibly one of the best sports of the winter games is hockey. Games have started up this week and there are several large powerhouse countries standing in the way of the gold medal.

With players from the National Hockey League (NHL) representing each country, there will be no easy wins for any team involved this year. Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden and United States are all filled to the brim with all star athletes from the NHL. Alexander Ovechkin is the leader of the Russians and his is easily one of the NHL best players.

The United States started off the winter games with an impressive 7-1 victory of Slovakia. They will be playing Russia on the 15th. If they can beat Russia, then I believe the only competition will be Canada in hopefully the finals of Group A and B. This game will have the home steam Russia on their heels up against the U.S. The Russians will fill the stands and it will be a completely new territory for the American players.

Jonathon Quick is starting goalie for the U.S team. He is the starting goalie for the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. He is just one of the many american born stars on this team. If he can continue to hold teams to one goal then the finals will be in sight.

These games are exactly what hockey as a sport and as a business needs. National publicity and a sense of patriotism for the home team even if you aren’t normally a fan of the sport.

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