Punish The Guilty And Move On

I’m so over hearing about the Trayvon Martin story. The media is blowing it out of proportion just like what they did with the Casey Anthony case. This is what gets me about the politically correct. A select group of people choose to address each other on a daily basis with racial slurs (which to those individuals find appropriate). Meanwhile, rappers, professional athletes, etc. have made the hoodie a fashion statement (unfortunately so have criminals). The bottom lines is, a 17 year old teenager was shot and killed for basically looking suspicious and trespassing (which is an unequal punishment for the crime committed). However, America is focused on the racial slur mumbled during the 911 call and the fact the kid was profiled wearing a hoodie. Let me let the world in on a little secret. People choose not to wear ski masks when its 80 degrees outside, because it makes them look like a bank robber. While the hoodie is slightly more tolerable in 80 degree weather, let’s face it, the last person that broke into your house wasn’t wearing a suit and tie. Am I saying this gives the right for this guy to shoot this kid? Absolutely not! What I am saying is, let’s drop the 911 call. Last time I checked, we have moved passed the 1960’s and this isn’t the holocaust. Also would the Miami Heat and the city of New York not take it upon themselves to celebrate this kid with the very thing that possibly contributed to his death. And would the President of the United States not make this a White House issue by holding a press conference in the rose garden. Do you know how many kids are shot and killed daily? If the President had to hold a press conference for every kid shot and killed he would spend his entire four years in the rose garden (The Gardener of the United States or Commander and Gardener). Americans are united by liberty, democracy, and our flag. Racial slurs separate Americans from ignorant people. Hoodie’s in 80 degree weather separates Americans from criminals. So don’t use racial slurs even when you’re not talking to 911, only wear hoodie’s when its flipping cold out, and stop shooting people like we are a third world country with no justice system. When it’s all said and done, regardless of race or attire, a man wrongfully shot a teenager and killed him. Let’s all learn from this, punish the guilty, and move on.

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