The Hunger Games Takes Over the Box Office

The Hunger Games hit theaters on March 23, this past weekend and once midnight struck, the movie opened strongly with $19.7 million.  Fans lined up outside theaters all over the country anxiously awaiting the premiere.  The book was released a while ago and after seeing the movie it was exactly like the book, but better.  The action fulfilled cinema was a huge hit after this weekend and I highly recommend everyone to go see it.

I really liked the movie because it was something new, for instance, new actors and actresses that played the part of an interesting plot.  The main idea of the film is based on a book about 12 districts and every year 24 kids (up to 18 years of age) are randomly selected to compete in “The Hunger Games.”  District 12 held the two main characters of the movie and they played their part right for sure.  Throughout the competition all 24 of them must fight until the end; meaning they must kill one another in order to come on top.  I do not want to ruin the ending so I will stop there.

Overall, the movie was amazing and I think it is for all ages, male and female.  The action part of the movie (which is pretty much the majority of the film) plays a huge part for the males who see it.  While it portrays a love story but one of which you are not sure is real.  It is a great and unforgettable story line.  It was a little emotional but most movies lack that which decreases the attention span of the audience.  I feel there needs to be emotion throughout the movie in order for the audience to connect to the characters.  The movie is mind blowing and the characters do a good job of putting the audience on its toes.  I was so anxious at one point I couldn’t even watch.  While the audience surrounding me was sobbing, I was crying while anxiously awaiting the next scene.

The film is filled with gore but with all of the action there has to be blood; it’s what makes the movie so real.  The actor’s who are featured in the movie play a great role because they really connect with the audience.  It was given a really good percentage by movie critics who are really tough to please.  The Hunger Games is a must see movie and I truly recommend it for any age or gender.  It’s great!

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