Rapid Fire Growth Of Electronic Dance Music

Electronic dance music, also known as EDM, has hit the scene with a bang just within 2013. However, this dance music craze has been around since the early 1900’s starting in small clubs in New York called Raves. This upbeat fast tempo electronic sounds break off into many genres such as House, Trance, Progressive, and Dubstep are played by a disc jockey, better known as a DJ. Since recent exposure and attention to this music, Electronic music festivals seem to have popped up overnight in just about every major city just this year alone. EDM festivals are generally outside with plenty of room to uphold thousands of concert goers giving them the opportunity to see different DJ’s all in one place. At times, these festivals offer multiple stages to see different performers, as well as shops to buy merchandise, rides to entertain one, and even state of the art lighting and sound systems.

Not only has electronic dance music blown up at festivals and shows, it seems as though every time you turn on the radio, every artist has leaned to adding some electronic flare to their music. DJ’s that have been around since before the hype also now get recognition by their popular songs on every popular radio in America. Not only has this craze hit the U.S., but all over the country as well; Europe is home of the greatest DJ’s such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, and Paul Oakenfold. I believe the reason why Electronic Dance Music has picked up so many new fans is because of the acceptance and kindness of everyone in the scene. A community where no one is judged on the type of clothes you wear or what country your are from. The EDM community looks out for one another; some might perceive this crowd of music goers as the modern day hippies. World known DJ states “This community is exceptional in its ability to bond all types together, and I am not exaggerating when I say it saves lives.”

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