They’re Back and They Promise to be Phenomenal this Fall

They’re back! The fall 2013 TV season has started up and all of the shows that we’ve been dying to see more of, are back with new seasons. The shows that have been renewed, promise to deliver a more exciting and thrilling season this time around. Shows that are new this fall, promise to be the best new drama or comedy of the season. Between the 3 major broadcast networks ABC, NBC, AND CBS, there are many different shows to choose from.

On ABC there are many fantastic dramas. One of their more popular dramas, Revenge, is back for a third season. The show is about a woman named Emily who is seeking revenge on organization that killed her parents. Scandal will also return for its third season, and the show is centered on Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope runs a crisis management firm that helps protect the secrets of the elite in Washington, but the irony is that she must now use her skills to keep her own affair with the president a secret. Modern Family, the Emmy winner for best comedy, is back for a fifth season. The season premiere was hilarious! You can never go wrong with this show. A few of the new shows to look out for on this network are Betrayal, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Super Fun Night with the comical Rebel Wilson.

NBC and CBS also have a lot of good shows to look out for. Revolution is back for a second season on NBC. The show takes place in a world where all of the power is gone. Also on NBC, The Michael J. Fox Show appears to be off to a good start. The show follows Mike after he has learned that he has Parkinson’s. That show, along with Community, Parks and Recreation, and Welcome to the Family are a few of the sitcoms that can be found on NBC. CBS also has great comedies. One of the most popular ones is The Big Bang Theory. The show is back for its seventh season! CBS is also home to other popular sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. There are two new sitcoms that I am really excited about: Mom and Mike and Molly. I’m really looking forward to those shows because Anna Farris will be in Mom and Melissa McCarthy will be in Mike and Molly. These two actresses are very well known for being hilarious on the big screen. We will see if their shows, and all the others, make the cut at the end of this season and are renewed or if their run ends.

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