Reality TV, should be renamed “fantasy TV”

As a Theatre co-teacher at a middle school site, I am able to see the mindset that a lot of these children hold (career wise). Every child I teach has dreams that seem “unrealistic” and I would never say that these goals are impossible to accomplish, but I will be quick to influence a plan B. It is obvious that not everyone is going to become famous or even have their 30 secs of fame; it seems as if reality television is selling false dreams everyday. Which each new reality television show a new false idea of success is bombarding the minds of children and young adults all across America. I have even caught myself buying into the dreams and false hopes that reality television portrays. Each and every Monday night for the past two months I make it a priority to get home at 8 pm to catch my dosage of reality shows: “Love and Hip-hop”, “Masters of the Mix”, “Black Ink Crew”, and “Gossip Game” in that order. Although I can sit here today and say that it is all garbage I am proof that ignorance is very entertaining. The fact of the matter is that the more reality TV is becoming prevalent, the less and less value is being placed on talent. Being talented is no longer a requirement to be on air which leads to everyone thinking that the reality of reality television is actually plausible. False dreams are being sold to our youth, but it is the fault of our nation for allowing these fantasy lives to be portrayed.

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