Are Computers Becoming the New Man’s Best Friend?

When is the last time you felt alone in our society? It is unfair to ask that question nowadays because our generation is so caught up in connectivity. I will even admit that I strive to get the most amount of “likes” or “retweets” via my social media pages. They give me a since of confidence that someone out there—whether I know them or not—likes me and what I have to say. Someone out there is listening. The next question we must ask ourselves is are they actually listening? The answer is no. Half of the time they do not even know who you are but they saw one thing that they liked so they automatically liked it. Thus making our society selfish. Which in my eyes is kind of ironic that we never want to be in solitude but we mostly want what is best for us or what is in our own interest.

Throughout William Deresiewicz’s article “The End of Solitude”, he mentioned that we feel connected because of the Internet and that our culture is afraid of being alone. He used the example of one of his students not being able to write a paper alone. While reading that my mind and eyes opened and realized that I too much rather study with a friend or be in the presence of others while doing task. It makes me wonder why I need “friends” in order to do things that can easily be done alone. Is it a good or bad thing that we rely on others?

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