What Does This Have To Do With Sports?

Boston remains in a state of shock after two homemade explosives detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Several people have died and even more are injured. All of this, and more, has been reported on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ESPN…


ESPN? The sports network?

Why would they report on a bombing?

Yes, this is a real question that people are asking.


Maybe because the attack took place at a sporting event? And affected athletes? And ESPN, as a sports network, was expected to provide coverage?

Were they supposed to just post the top five and cut to commercial?


They made a commitment to cover and provide highlights for the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, some terrible people took it upon themselves to ruin the event, and the lives of thousands of people in the process. Just because the outcome was radically different and infinitely more horrible does not mean that it is outside the world of sport.

If a soccer match is delayed due to hooliganism, is that not a sports story? Why is this instance different? Because it happened on a bigger scale?

And anyway, is Fox News REALLY more qualified to cover it than ESPN? Honestly.


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