Recent Events on the UCF Campus

In the last few weeks, UCF student have had an abundance of events to attend. From April 12th-18th, the brother of Kappa Alpha Psi held several events including a sickle cell benefit bash, a bowling night, and lively party. The week prior, the brother of the first African American Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, held several events. Their events included a forum educating students on post-graduation options, a 17th Annual Tribute To A Black Woman dinner, and a BBQ.

On April 3rd, 2009 the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) held their annual Extrav Stepshow. The event was hosted by famed comidian Benji Brown, and showcased five of the nine organizations comprised in the council. It was entertaining and lively, as with all the recent events. The best part of all these events was that they were all free! In addition, any proceeds or donations received at any event, go to the corresponding organization. All the organizations are non-profit and use that money to benefit the local community.

In the fall, there are over two dozen events scheduled with almost all of them being free. Students are encouraged to attend, be entertained, and enjoy free food. To find a list of dates in whch events will be held you can go onto the NPHC website, NPHC-UCF.EDU, and see the days each organization has, then go you can find a link to that organizations website where the event description will be. Another option is to wait for an invite on the popular social network, Facebook, where the event is sure to posted.

Alpha Phi Alpha Performing At Extrav 2009

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