Top 5 Fashion Do’s UCF Students Should Know for Summer

Summer is here! While most students are currently studying for finals, the last thing they have time to do is study fashion trends. Well, no worries here are the top 5 fashion do’s for the summer. These are the “cant go wrong” trends for summer 2009:

1. Bold Accessories. By bold I mean BIG! The chunkier the better. Oversized necklaces, ring, earrings, and bracelets. A chunky necklaces paired with a simple top or summer dress, is sure to make you a fashionable student. One pieces of advice, don’t do it all at once. Choose one, like the earrings or necklace to be big, bold, and chunky. Doing both those together will ruin the effect, and will probably be uncomfortable at the least.

2. Colorful Bags. Coral is hot color for the summer, an oversized bag in this color is sure to have you looking chic.

3. A pair of Over-Sized Sunglasses. This has been in season for a while, so hopefully you have a pair and you can splurge a bit on the next must-have for summer.

4. Gladiator flats and Wedges. Gladiator flats are the rage; any color is sure to be a good look. Wedges have been in season for two summers’ now, but this summer the trend is more specific to nude color wedges.

5. Summer Dress. This is the ultimate must have for the summer. The most popular dresses for the summer are one with an empire waist/tighter fit at the top, but a loose/ flow at the bottom. All lengths of dresses are in. Be sure to wear bright, but not eccentric colors.

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