Redesign of Florida plate is a sham

If there is a penny to be saved, Rick Scott will find it. Sometimes in the most ridiculous places. Take for instance the governor’s newest proposal to replace the Florida license plate. The current design is said to be difficult for toll booths to read. So by redesigning it, the FDOT will be able to increase its ability to track down and fine motorists who run tolls. The current plate would be phased out, a process that would be complete in 2014.

And here is the kicker; Scott says the money will be put toward education. I almost fell down when I read that! Talk about stealing from Peter to give to Paul. Our roads need that money! In previous employment, I used to work for an engineering firm that designed about 90 percent of the toll facilities in the state of Florida. And I can tell you, that toll money is desperately needed just to keep the roads in a safe condition. Forget about amenities like rest stops – there is barely enough money to keep the asphalt on the road! And Scott thinks he can get back in the good graces of education supporters by promising these “additional funds” to education? You can’t fix one problem by making another problem.

Here’s the downfall to Scott’s plan: Florida has over 100 license plate design options. Scott is only proposing to change the official state plate. That leaves a lot of designs “unregulated,” some of which have the same design conundrums as the official state plate.

Have you seen some of the “toll friendly” designs out there? Like Pennsylvania  and New York? Hideous! Florida is a place of beauty and our current design reflects our uniqueness. Who knows, if things keep going the way they are, the oranges on our license plates may be the only oranges left in Florida!


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