reinventing children programming, how educational television has changed

It is true, even non-mamilic items evolve. Children’s television has changed in the last couple of years, and it might not be as harming as it seems. According to UW-madison researchers and alumnus there have been strides in the way that messages can be communicated to children in order to improve the quality of educational television. This kind of research has left a lot of skeptics that still believe that the television set is the worst thing that ever happened to children, but modern research has shown that with simple production tactics the television can improve upon pro-social skills. The truth is not exact and their is still a lot of research to be done and concluded, but it seems that children might learn and be more active with modern programming than older similar programming.

Many modern programmers are looking into the research and aligning the shows they are creating to the target audience of young children looking towards shorting the amount of plot twists and cut scenes in the educational shows they produce. Research has shown that older shows like for example sesame street  have been focusing in a older demographic when it came to the style of shows they were creating, and more modern shows like dora the explorer and blues clues have been improving the formula and have been even making the parents happier by producing shows that are not only simpler in transitions but also encourage physical activity. This is very crucial in the middle of the childhood obesity epidemic that the American population is struggling with. The most important thing to know about this young children production evolution is that their is no conclusive research at the end of it all that will finally shift the name of the television from the “idiot box” to the “second parent”, but their is research and hope that we might come up with an answer that can finally cross the bridge between education and entertainment.

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