Apple’s win over Samsung could bring new features for Android & iPhone users

While many are viewing Apple’s win over Samsung as a loss for consumers, the end result may force software and hardware designers to create new products and features that will result in more choices for the end consumer.

According to Nick Wingfield of the New York Times, Apple won over $1 billion dollars in damages when a jury found Samsung guilty of copyright infringement over the use of Apple iPhone’s trademark features currently available on popular Android phones. Wingfield inferred that this ruling may force other phone manufacturers to take a second look at their products and create less Apple-like phones.

On the other side, this legal battle may result in a loss of features for Apple product consumers. Apple’s win over Samsung as reported by Miller and Chen, is the first step in Apple’s fight to bring litigation against Google’s Android operating system. Google currently offers several features that are built into the Apple iPhone such as Google Maps, the Google search bar in the mobile Safari browser, as well as other popular Google applications available through Apple’s App Store. As Apple moves forward in building a case against Google’s Android operating system, the end consumer may feel the backlash as those same products available from Google may no longer be available on their Apple devices.

While Reuters is reporting back room talks between Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Google’s Chief Executive Larry Page to settle patent disputes, Apple is moving forward to distance itself from Google. In Fall 2012, Apple will be releasing it’s new iOS6 which will offer upgrades to popular applications as well as a redesigned mapping app, simply called Maps. The new program will offer users arial views, called Flyovers, as well as turn-by-turn GPS directions.

The end result of Apple’s win over Samsung may be a loss for consumers who enjoy having those features available on their Android devices; however, as each developer adjust to distinguish themselves apart and reduce the possibility for future litigation, consumers will win with new inventive features.

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