Resource Terrorism: Video Game Fiction or Possible Real Life Situation?

Just recently a video game called Splinter Cell Blacklist was released worldwide in countries such as America and the UK were the player can take on the identity of Fourth Echelon agent Same Fisher as he races across different parts of the world to stop a doomsday countdown list in which a terrorist group called the engineers have declared on national television that if America does not withdraw all its troops from foreign soil, they will begin to attack on our country’s most important resources such as oil, water, or technology in general that helps run the nation. I myself have seen the game in action and have been amazed with how close to home this video game hits when taking about actually Middle Eastern disputes over seas.

While the game itself is quite entertaining and has a sort of James Bond mission feel to it. I couldn’t help but wonder how close America has come to inciting enough trouble overseas where a few specific countries would decide to take up some serious action against the United States. I mean it’s already been proven that we as country can be infiltrated and attacked like in numerous tragic events, like 911 for example. The game itself actually takes place around the same 2013 timeframe and thus I was even more intrigued to see how some video games can depict actual real life scenarios were the American people can be harmed in ways that don’t always directly involve killing them. In any case, as a GameStop employee I always find some games more realistic than others especially when they can be compared to things that could have and might actually happen, such as a terrorist attack on our nation’s most important resources.

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