Revamping Sesame Street because of Blue’s Clues

After reading Article 3: Tele[re]vision, I felt like I could connect to some of the concepts they brought up. The one I want to focus on is why producers felt the need to reconstruct Sesame Street. As a young kid, I did not like the show because I never knew what was going on. However, it seems like I was not the only kid who felt like this. In one episode of Sesame Street there were about 40 short segments covering all sorts of topics and varying in lengths. No child can follow a program like that because we are still developing our brains to understanding concepts. Obviously, that is the point of children shows, to allow the child’s brain to grow and mature. So, when Blue’s Clues aired, a lot more children flocked to this show. I was one of them. The show went very slowly in the nature that each one had an ultimate goal and you had to work your way up to that goal. For example, Blue would want to do something for the day like go to the beach, so she would leave clues around the house, like sunblock, sunglasses, and a beach towel, for the viewers to find and connect the clues together. I think the concept is very intriguing with the colors, shapes, and involvement for children.  This is why Sesame Street was compelled to change the concept of their show. Sesame Street narrowed down the characters, connected concepts together, and made the story flow better. This is probably the best thing Sesame Street could have done to regain its viewership.

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