Children’s Television Show Misconceptions

Children and television is a very loaded issue and a very intriguing one at that.  Although this issue has many sub issues to it, one that caught my attention is the way children interpret certain shows and their comprehension to television messages, this matter being the fault of the show, and not the children.  The example from Clifford mentioned in the article “Tele[re]vision” in Annual Editions Mass Media 12/13, where the three legged dog is feared from Clifford and his friends shows a good point of misunderstanding.

Child’s minds are not as open as an adult and they’re not going to get that the show is supposed to be about treating others with disabilities with the same respect as any other.  To improve misinterpretations from happening by children (the intended audience), children’s shows should be followed up or even started with the message meant to be interpreted, also mentioned in the article.  It is also very interesting to learn that shows with interactive learning such as Blue’s Clues are better at holding children’s attention, although not outrageous.  Children need to think they are involved such as replicating that of a teaching or classroom setting.  Children want to be praised for their knowledge and with shows such as that children are able to get such praise.  If more shows were interactive and including of the child, such as the show the wiggles that I have personally come across, then children would be more engaged in learning and not just sit down watching others with little knowledge of the point.  Although not one of the most critical of issues in the children and television feud it is one to think about, that could even shift opinions of others on whether television is good or bad for children

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