Why is Mass Media important?


Mass media is many different types of technologies that are meant to reach large audiences through communications. This type of media is one of the most used. Mass media has become the main channel of communication that is used. This day and age most people rely on the news to be their source for voting and the everyday events. Competition is also very important in mass media, because the people in charge of the different types of mass media are having to compete for the views, and the people to listen and or read. Publishing companies and television companies are two different types of mass media.   These types of mass media keep people up to date with events all around the world. They also help show the norms and let people see how they are supposed to act, or in some cases, show people negative ways of acting. Television, radio, movies, cd’s, dvd’s, and magazines along with newspapers are all examples of print media. Without mass media, print media would not exist. Mass media is what controls print media. Many mass media has a lot of internet presence, because of blogging and email services, and advertising. These are many different reasons why Mass media is important, but in reality it is impossible to sum up all the reasons that it is important. This is because it is one of those “priceless”  subjects, without mass media the world would not be the same because people wouldn’t have access to the sources of information that they do because of it.

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