Reverse Racism, is it Reverse Psychology?

Has anybody ever heard of the term reverse racism? Probably not. It’s rarely used because the left wing liberal media doesn’t want you to think about how biased and ridiculous it sounds.

It is a term that continues to push people of color to the background of society. As if they are still victims of hate or the color of their skin. It separates us all as people. We are no longer equal, we are no longer just Americans, but we are a people divided by underlying words and tones that you don’t pick up on. Its driven into our sub-cautious via subliminal messages and brushed off conversations. Our children are brainwashed helplessly because it is taught in the very educational institutions we are supposed to trust. Universities around the country hold classes that our tax payer dollars finance.

Reverse Racism. The term is a cop out used by socialists and liberals to describe racism performed against a white person. It suggests that racism was any different based on the color of your skin. It’s not, but the term would suggest otherwise, as if it was not as bad to be racist to a white person because we “deserve it.” They, and I mean socialists and liberals, wont admit that this is what they were thinking when the term was being transcribed, but lets be real. Racism is racism regardless of the color of your skin, and it is the action that depicts the definition.

We are in a battle everyday for social equality, and reverse psychology is being cloaked over the black culture. To continue to think that racism only exists when it happens to a person of color is asinine. The liberals are holding unity hostage, and not only fueling racism but keeping the black culture in poverty. How does this term relate to poverty you ask? If the black culture continues to feel they are somehow different and deserve reparations because of the “real racism” that supposedly occurs every day, then people of color will continue to accept the government handouts both financially and psychologically. Racism will continue because the black culture has been told they are continuously being discriminated against. Case in point with affirmative action as it is applied to education and employment. Food stamps and section eight housing is predominantly black. Special home loan programs for people of color who do not have good enough credit. The black culture feels entitled to these things because the liberal government wants you to think this way. Liberals and socialists are keeping the black culture in poverty because if you think about it, why would you buy something you cannot afford? If something is given to you, do you take as good care of it as you would if you worked hard for the money to purchase it yourself? It’s reverse psychology. Wake up people!

This is not a racist post, although I’m sure many of you might read it that way. This is a cry for help, a cry to get you to think deeper. Reverse racism is not the only word, phrase, or underlying tone out there being used every day, there are many more. The question is, are you going to think outside the box and start to pick up on it? The word itself is a conundrum on its own, the very definition of Reverse Racism is in itself, racist.

Reverse racism, is merely racism. We are all equal, we all have hearts, a brain, and we are all created the same way. Think that way and we can all end racism.

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