Up to 110 Million Customers Their Data was Stolen at Target

Up to 110 million customers, their data was stolen at Target.

The massive data hacking at Target stores over the holiday season across the country, which was much more worse than previously revealed. The previously reported was 40 million Target customers’ credit or debit card information had been taken during a security breach, which was the biggest retail store security breach of all time. During November 27th just right before Thanksgiving to December 15th that was the busiest shopping season of year, all the shoppers in Target could be a victim.

However, Target company said on Friday that more customers had been hacked not only the credit or debit card information, but also their email address, name, phone number, and home address. Up to 70 to 110 million customers’ data was stolen, which was significantly broader than originally reported. Also, it might include its past shoppers that not only who visited the store recently. All people who used debit or credit cards to shop at Target could be a victim. People must check their card right now in order to protect their money. For all the email ask your personal information could be frauds.

“I know that it is frustrating for our guests to learn that this information was taken and we are truly sorry they are having to endure this,” said Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel.

The CEO of Target just said “I am so sorry.” Millions of customers’ security data was stolen in thousands of Target stores, and people need to suck it up.   Many people decided to pay cash when they are shopping, so there were no any personal information would be taken.

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