Review of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

About 2 weeks ago I saw “The Wolf of Wall Street”. I know that it is extremely late since this movie has come out last year. For those who haven’t seen it, it is about the rise and fall of a man named Jordan Belfort who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The character’s goal is to become rich, you see that in the movie as a recurring theme and it ultimately becomes his demise.

Overall the movie was very graphic, showing a lot of sex scenes and drug abuse because they show them doing drugs all the time. However it felt very natural to the story telling, it didn’t feel pornographic although it was borderline to me. The movie does represent the problems with abundant wealth and the the change of personality that it ensues. The film shows how greed and addiction take someone’s life and completely ruin it.

The only critique i have for the movie was that it was very long. The film was about 3 hours long. Although i was entertained for most of it I felt there were scenes that could have been cut to make it shorter, but to be honest I’m not going to say that it wasn’t enjoyable. Martin Scorsese who directed the film really knew what he was doing because if my only complaint is that it was too long then that means it is quite a good movie. I loved the acting in it especially Leonardo DiCaprio’s and i would like to see him in more comedic roles in the future.

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