Zimbabwe Elephant Population In Extreme Danger: How Will The World Act?

As the world’s population grows, more space is needed for people to live. What is to happen to all the wild animals that humans claim to love so much? Where are they supposed to live?

Asia and Africa alike have suffered a large loss of the animal population. Tigers are among the most sought out wild cat to protect because Asia is so over populated and the tiger species has become extinct.

The diverse populations of animals that reside in Africa are slowly dwindling due to poachers and the development of the continent. As more and more people struggle for food, money, and a place to live, the animals are suffering.

Military and political leaders have recently seized protected parts of Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party has been in search of ways to make money in order to pay off economic penalties set by the United States and Europe. In turn, the elephant population is more than likely to suffer due to ivory poachers who will have access to the land.

Ivory sells for $1,500 a pound, which is more than double what it cost five years ago. The ivory is used to make trinkets and carved ornaments. In Central Africa around 23,000 elephants were killed last year.

China, the world’s largest ivory market, has recently won profitable contracts for development in Zimbabwe close to remote elephant habitats.

How is this ever-present problem going to be fixed? Will it take the loss of another species for the world to understand that we need to protect our animals?

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