Reviewing the Documentary ‘Amy’s Story’ We Tell You The Facts About Domestic Violence – Click To Find Out!

My reaction to the film is expected from what a normal person would feel when listening to such atrocious story. I felt like I was there with Amy going through what she went through when all of her coworkers and family were telling what happened, especially how the detective was describing everything, she gave a very vivid image of all the incidents.

At the beginning of the documentary I felt intrigued in the story, because I had already read a little background on her story because I like learning about true life stories, what made Amy stay with Vincent after all those signs and things he did to her? But to even understand that I knew I needed to find out how did he first get her attention, because that’s when you know what type of person he is, that’s what made me so angry, because at the beginning everything is very lovey dovey but then his true colors came out as all abusers do with these types of relationships. So this is very intriguing to me, so I wanted to find out more on how persuasive can a person like Vincent really be that it makes the victim be controlled by them.

I was able to identify with Amy, not because I was in an abusive relationship of that extent but recently I was dating someone who constantly made me feel bad about myself whenever I would tell him that I didn’t like how he was treating me or I didn’t like that he would completely disappear on me for like three straight day and then reach out to me again as if nothing happened, so I would ignore him just like he just did to me and he would make me feel horrible for doing that to him that “he doesn’t deserve to be ignored by me” etc. so he would turn things onto me, as if I was the bad person making a big deal about everything until all my friends and family told to get out of that sickening relationship because he was basically blinding me with his words. I didn’t want be alone so it made stay a little longer that I should have, but then I couldn’t take it anymore, broke it off and he didn’t even try to win me back, he was completely fine with us ending things.

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