Signs That You Are in the Right Relationship

Love is beautiful feeling that we get to experience in different ways for different people. The most striking kind of love is the one we feel for a husband or wife. Although you may not be married, this small guide can still show you the path your relationship is going. If you are single, it can still show you what to look for in you future relationship.

  • Know what the needs of you partner require to be fulfilled and feel loved- This sign is crucial because you have to communicate love in a way that they understand it, not you necessarily. Gary Chapman, the successful author of the book “The 5 Love Languages,” explains how there are five different types of ways in which people like to be expressed love to. These languages are: Physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, gifts and acts of service. So realizing what your partner needs to feel loved is imperative.
  • You both think of each other before thinking of yourselves individually- This is important because a relationship is made of two people, and both people are equally important. A person looking for a long-term relationship that will turn into marriage needs to find a partner who speaks in terms on “we” and not just “me.”
  • You fight clean- Nothing is more hurtful than being talked down to, dismissed or insulted by the person you love. Fights happen, and they are normal. However, how those fights are handled says a lot about the relationship you’re in. Both parties should be able to stay calm, send a message without hurting the other’s feelings or raising the tone of voice unnecessarily.
  • You both compliment each other- This is self explanatory, but the best compliments come from the people who matter the most.


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